Cool Christmas, muted Mash, just Elections’

-A visitor’s Americana (Dec. 2014)

The Euro-American traditional Christmas-time music included a song called “Blue Christmas”. The fellow laments a lost-love during the season of gifts, hope and love. Our own Guyanese Rita Forrester’s sings of “No Christmas for Me” for similar reasons.
Last December, in my now-usual condemnation of the excessive commercialisation of the Christmas Festival, I wrote about Christmas being “A lovely, welcome lie”.
Amongst my points last December:
But I ask you, my citizens, Christian or not: What Does the Birth of Jesus have to do with the numerous “promotions” by numerous stores?
The answer, of course, is nothing! But the reason for the phenomenon is obvious: using a celebration to promote rampant consumerism. Since the Baby Jesus was the greatest gift to humanity – according to Christians – seduce the thousands to purchase, to consume at this time of the all-pervasive festival. It’s all too overdone for commercial profits for a few. I urge moderation. Even as you stock up and spruce up.

A lie people need?
A lie can be an untrue statement or concoction often meant to deceive, to mislead. People need certain beliefs. Many welcome themselves into faiths, religions, cults, even superstitions, born of science or metaphysics. I suspect that mankind needs a balm to comfort and soothe the stresses     of living.
Christians embrace the Virgin Birth as related by their four gospel writers.
And the nativity, by itself, is a beautiful tale. But Christian, Jewish theologians, Historians, Bible Analysts generally agree that December 25 is a most unlikely date or time for Birth in that part of our world.
As I repeated before “there is no contemporary evidence of the exact     date of Jesus’ Birth”. Bethlehem is given as the Christ-Child’s birth place and Nazareth of Galilee his childhood neighbourhood”.

Guyana’s Christmas 2014
Immediately above are merely my (repeat) views on “the season”. It’s this Christmas I want to comment on however.
Given the Constitutional/political status of our governance right now- whereby a minority regime has arbitrarily suspended parliamentary life and is dictating when and how the people’s will must be made manifest- I propose the following: be extremely, demonstrably, “cool” towards Christmas this year: – spend less; stay away from governmental “staff parties” (unless you wish to celebrate their departure); persuade your children – the “kids”- about moderation and not the highest yuletide expectations; save the money you save for early 2015. A fair day’s work—and nothing more; if you’re the genuine religious type, take it seriously; maintain Guyana’s Christmas traditions with restrained dignity.

Mashramani 2015
It is desirable to observe the anniversary of Republicanism although we must be collectively honest about having wasted the forty five years. Republican status has seen migration, relative developmental stagnation, nepotism, now-institutionalised corruption and virtual hopelessness for the youth.
How I’d love to be wrong about the immediate foregoing. Perhaps you, dear reader, can paint a rosier current scenario.
Whether Mr. Ramotar announces an election date on New Year’s morning or not I also recommend restraint, conservatism for the Mashramani/Republican Anniversary Festival 2015. Let the Ruling Regime know that we see little to be appreciative about. Continue to make them aware, dramatically, that the majority did not/does not favour all that they have done over the past six months. (Your children belong to you…) how do you assess boycotts?

The elections cometh
I repeat: Frankly Speaking, to me elections in most societies are about choosing the best of the bad lot. So you exercise your choice of your best (alternative) options. And hope for the best.
I no longer vote for anybody. Perhaps I know the choices, (the candidates too well (?). I enjoin you-all however to consider the changes needed. I’ll have no choice but to accept your choice after polling day.
More than ever before, Frankly Speaking, your next elections will determine national stagnation or disintegration- or positive survival and progress. Frankly speaking, I recommend drastic electoral/governmental change. But I cringe at your available choices.

A visitor’s Americana
I’m now back in my Beloved, Blighted, Stink Georgetown. I’ve just enjoyed a brief, hectic, hot-cold-very cold– vacation in Florida, New York, New Jersey.
A true personal delight it was to be with my own flesh-and-blood daughters and grands. Seeing what America is doing for them and what they are contributing to that country’s sustainability. (A grandson knows words, language, and technology I never even dreamt of when I was his age- twelve!)
Vicariously, even directly, I was caught up in Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Consumerism at its Capitalist best even though Americans were forced to “hold back” this year.
Spotlessly clean, vast malls and stores never fail to impress me as I think of Regent, Robb and Pitt Streets and our cute stores-on-the-paves. (Customer Service takes back or exchanges goods bought without a murmur! Okay, they can afford to? Our Chinese declare “Purchases Not refundable!)
The Republican Grand Ole Party (GOP) is planning to frustrate Poor President Obama with their both Houses majority from January. Meanwhile like Reagan and one Bush, Obama has authorized welcome immigration concessions for millions- on his own.
I decided that, of the sweeping protests over alleged police brutality/killings across the U.S.A. I embrace New York’s “I can’t breathe” demonstrations more than Ferguson’s “hands-up-don’t-shoot” (I can explain my position.)
But the Kaieteur News columnist is accurate: from devastating weather to age-old protests America’s economy, cultures and institutions are strong enough to survive. (And yes, I find that the Haitians, Hispanics, even Chinese and Bengalis behave as if they own the country. “White” Caucasians’ are now in faraway States and on TV!)

Just imagine!
For many moments, I struggled to accept some views of some of fifteen New York-based countrymen. Still PNC-diehard declares: after Forbes, Jagdeo wielded power decisively, effectively– if only for his own ends.
A former top governmental advisor: “Allan, can you imagine the type of Cabinet David can put together? Where will he find it from?
2b) May I suggest that the electorate- and journalists- find out about both the readiness and the challenges of Gecom at this time? With some intensity?
Bharrat and Bernie: Remember the former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik? Bharrat had touted for him for our own Police Force reform. Then he attracted jail time in America. Well he’s now a “respected” convict-consultant and television commentator on relevant issues.
Avoiding a confidence vote in the Assembly does not attract people’s confidence does it?
Could David Granger countenance Moses Nagamootoo as a running mate?

‘Til next week!

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