Public must take stand against abuse of children – ministry

The Ministry of Human Services is calling on the public to join its efforts in taking a stand against the abuse, neglect and overall maltreatment of children.

In a press release the ministry said government “will not condone the continued abuse and destruction of our most valuable resource by the few aberrant minds that mingle among us daily.”

Further, the ministry is dismayed by the recent irresponsible reporting on issues relating to children and “has zero tolerance for damaging media reports and images….that are harmful to children.” It had previously partnered with the media to discuss best practices regarding reporting and children and hopes that the media will embrace the tenets of good journalism in this regard.

According to the press release, the ministry has undertaken a number of responses to the need for child protection in Guyana, including the establishment of the Childcare and Protection Agency, the passage of seven pieces of legislation regarding children, the provision of a 24-hour hotline service – 227-0979 – and the expansion of counselling and psychological support across the country.

“This is no way trivialises the responsibility of all citizens,” the ministry said.

“We must unite to ensure that those who need assistance access the professional services available.”



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