Gov’t sabotaging its own budget -AFC

The Alliance For Change says it is concerned that the Government seems interested in having its own Budget not approved.
In a statement today, the party said:
This is becoming more evident as the examination of the estimates continues in the National Assembly with the most recent act of sabotage coming during the examination of allocations for the Public Works Ministry.

The Government has lumped the $6.5 Billion it allocated for the Airport Expansion Project with allocations for the rehabilitation of Hinterland and Coastal Airstrips, equipment for civil aviation and money for the Ogle Aerodrome.

During the examination of the estimates on April 10th the Alliance For Change urged the Government to delink the allocation for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Expansion Project from the total $6.785 Billion allocated for Transport under the Ministry of Public Works. The Party made it clear that it would support the other allocations in addition to an allocation for the extension of the runway at the CJIA.

The Government has refused to delink the CJIA Expansion project and moreover, has refused to discuss the matter with the Opposition.

At the start of the detailed examination of the Budget, the Assembly agreed a Sub-Committee system where controversial allocations could be discussed and matters peacefully resolved. When the CJIA Project came under examination, it was proposed that it be placed before the Sub-Committee. While the AFC and APNU entered the negotiating room, the Government representative refused to participate. It must be noted that the Sub-Committee was able to clear the way for the approval of the allocation for GuySuCo.

The Government’s refusal to engage at the Sub-Committee level has brought into question its commitment to having the 2014 Budget approved.

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