Lodge man fined $40,000 for stealing $800 doormats

A Lodge man, accused of stealing two doormats, was yesterday fined for the crime after claiming that he no idea that the items had belonged to someone.

Christopher Macey admitted that, on April 11, at 20 Public Road, La Penitence, he stole the two $800 doormats, which were the property of Nafeeza Balram.

According to Prosecutor Deniro Jones, on the date in question Balram was at her business place at about 1:30pm when she saw the defendant remove the mats, place them in a salt bag and attempt to leave. He was accosted by another customer of the store, Jones said. The articles were recovered and Macey was subsequently charged.

According to Prosecutor Jones, the incident was not the first such case where Macey had gone into the store and removed items.

In his defence, Macey said that he had been passing by when he saw the mats and took them.


After consideration, Magistrate Ann McLennan fined the man $40,000 with an alternative of six months in prison if he failed to pay the fine.

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