Litterbug extends stay in prison with brief station escape

Nazir Hussain, a convict who escaped from the custody of city police by jumping through a window during a blackout, was yesterday sentenced to one year imprisonment for his crime.

Hussain, 35, who pleaded guilty to the crime when he appeared before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts yesterday, explained that he was frustrated as he had never had to deal with being locked up.

Hussain had been arrested on April 16 for depositing waste at the Stabroek Tarmac—a crime to which he had admitted and for which he had been fined $12,000 or an alternative of one month imprisonment.

Nazir Hussain
Nazir Hussain

According to Prosecutor James Garnett, at about 6.40 pm on April 16, Hussain was in police custody at the City Constabulary Police Station with four other prisoners when a blackout occurred. Seizing the opportunity, Hussain ran from the prisoners’ bench and jumped through a nearby window. James added that a female corporal was alerted to Hussain’s escape by the remaining prisoners.

Hussain had managed to jump over the station’s fence but was slowed during his escape bid by the presence of a police officer on Regent Street. The man decided to head in the opposite direction instead but was soon apprehended by the female officer from the station, Garnett said. Hussain was rearrested and taken back into custody, where he was placed under tighter security.

The man begged Magistrate Geeta Chandan-Edmond for leniency and expressed regret over both of his admitted crimes. Magistrate Chandan-Edmond pointed out his escape from lawful custody carried a sentence of between one and five years. However, after taking into consideration that Hussain was a first-time offender and that he had expressed regret at his actions, the magistrate sentenced him to a year imprisonment.


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