Nonpareil couple dead in apparent murder/suicide

By Desilon Daniels

A Nonpareil, East Coast Demerara couple was Sunday evening discovered dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

Vickram ‘Vicky’ Ramdin, 31, and Nandanie ‘Mishel’ Mohan, 27, were found dead in their home around 21:30 hrs when the woman’s family went to the house following her absence from her job as a seller in a snackette.

Latchmin Mohan, the mother of the dead woman, explained that her daughter would normally stay in contact with her but had failed to call all day Sunday.

Latchmin said she had made several calls to her daughter but to no avail. Later in the day, she added, she called Ramdin but he also did not answer his phone. Her suspicions immediately arose, she said. “I tell me other daughter that this ain’t looking too nice. I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t hear from her [Nandanie],” she explained.

Vickram Ramdin and Nandanie Mohan in happier times
Vickram Ramdin and Nandanie Mohan in happier times

The woman along with her daughter, Simone, and Mohan’s two young children went to the lot 255 Nonpareil home where the couple lived. However, on their arrival they found the home completely locked up. The group was informed by neighbours that neither Ramdin nor Mohan had been seen all day.

Prompted by this information, Simone broke a window and entered the home. Screams followed soon after her entry, Latchmin said. “She was crying out how Nandanie dead,” the mother said.

Nandanie’s prone body was found on the floor of their two children’s room while Ramdin’s was a few feet away, suspended from bed sheets.

The man had apparently tried to hang himself with a cord but it had snapped, leading him to use the bed sheets.

Several residents of the area expressed shock while others were not too surprised. According to multiple persons, including Ramdin’s family, the man had always been quiet and reserved.

One man, who asked not to be named, explained that though he knew that the couple had problems, he would’ve never expected Ramdin’s actions. “Honestly, I never know him as a violent person. I’m shocked by this; no one would expect this, I think,” the man said.

Nandanie Mohan and Vickram Ramdin in happier times with one of their children
Nandanie Mohan and Vickram Ramdin in happier times with one of their children

Another resident, who lives houses away from the dead couple, said that the murder-suicide was completely unpredictable. “They quarrel sometimes, yes, but certainly not to the point that he would kill she,” the woman said.

However, William Whitney, the owner of a shop in the area, stated that he had predicted the events. According to the man, he had warned Nandanie several months ago that Ramdin would kill her one day. He added that Ramdin would regularly frequent the shop and drink alcohol but was always reserved, even when considerably inebriated. “He always seemed depressed; he was a loner. When he didn’t working, he would consume heavy alcohol,” Whitney said.

Ramdin’s brother Ravi confirmed that the dead man was indeed a quiet person who never shared much. “He was a boy you couldn’t trouble he and thing; he had a passion,” Ravi said. Many persons close to the couple believe that alcohol, along with financial difficulties, played a major factor in the murder-suicide.

The dead couple’s 11-year-old son and his 7-year-old sister spent only the weekends with their parents.

According to reports, the couple would argue frequently about money. Reports also said that Ramdin had been locked up recently after Mohan had reported a domestic incident to the police. His second court date was scheduled to be yesterday.

Several persons, including family members and workmates, stated that they were aware that the 11-year relationship had been rife with problems.

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