Woman found dead in North West camp died of malaria

An autopsy done yesterday on the body of Destina Basil determined that the young mother died of malaria.

Basil, 25, a mother of two was found dead on Friday at Baramita, North West District. Crime Chief Leslie James told Stabroek News yesterday that a post-mortem examination determined that the cause of death was malaria. “Whoever was in custody had to be released since the woman died of natural causes,” James said.

Police had said that when her body was discovered, blood was oozing from Basil’s nostrils. The woman was believed to have been drinking with friends and family the night before her body was found. It was reported that an altercation had broken out but it was not known if she was involved.

However, when the body arrived at the Port Kaituma Hospital, sources said that there were visible marks of violence on Basil’s back and neck.

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