CGX Energy donates $2M to police social impact programme

Canadian oil exploration firm, CGX Energy recently donated $2M to the Police Commissioner’s Community Outreach Programme, as part of its ongoing efforts at supporting social programmes that aim to have a positive impact on development.

According to a press release, CGX Energy Co-chair Professor Suresh Narine made the presentation to newly-appointed Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud on May 19. Narine said that the company’s support for the programme was due to the recorded success of similar programmes worldwide in promoting positive role models for youth and in providing viable alternatives to a life of crime. Further, CGX’s decision to step forward at this juncture was prompted by the initial criticism the programme had received. CGX believes that the programme should be given a chance as its long-term goals may not be obvious to those who would wish to see immediate results, the release said.

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