Burglar gets nine months for stealing toilet bowl

Troy David, caught red-handed attempting to steal a toilet bowl, will be spending the next nine months behind prison bars.

David, 44, admitted to charge that he attempted to commit a felony; that is, to steal a toilet bowl, valued $75,000, which was the property of Raj Beverage Company, on June 11.

Presenting the police’s case, Prosecutor Bharat Mangru said that on the day owner of the company secured his business premises and went home. But soon after he received a call from his neighbour and he went back to his business place, where he discovered that a room that he had left locked was opened. The locks were missing and some toilet fittings were dislodged, while others were being removed by the defendant.

The court was further told that the police was contacted, and investigations led to David being arrested and charged.

When given a chance to speak, David accepted the prosecutor’s facts and begged the court to be lenient.

“Ah plead guilty, and please be lenient with me,” he pleaded.

The prosecution informed the court, when asked, that David had a previous conviction for a similar crime.

The court ruled after considering the aggravating and mitigating circumstances.

The Chief Magistrate informed David that the aggravating circumstances considers the seriousness and prevalence of the offence and the need to deter potential offenders. Additionally, she cautioned that he was caught red-handed, he breached the proprietor’s security measures and that the court had also taken into account that he had a previous conviction.

Meanwhile, listing the mitigating circumstances, the magistrate noted that the defendant pleaded guilty at the first given opportunity, saving the court considerable time in otherwise having to conduct a trial.

In the circumstances, David was informed that he would be sentenced to nine months in prison.

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