TravelSpan executives in talks to expand operations, add more planes

TravelSpan executives from its US headquarters and two other companies were here to discuss expansion plans including adding additional aircraft to its Guyana operations to develop it as a hub for international travel.

Vision Airlines and Jetran International are US registered companies which finance, own and leases aircrafts worldwide for charters, cargo and private use, a press release said. Rob Binns, who is a member on the Carter Center Board and the TravelSpan board has also travelled to Guyana for the meetings, which took place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

TravelSpan in collaboration with Vision Airlines currently offers a wide body 767/200 and a 767/300 aircraft for its non-stop service between Georgetown and New York. Recently, the company introduced a promotional fare for summer of US$399 one way and US$586 round trip from Georgetown to New York.

TravelSpan remains committed to the airline industry and particularly to the Guyanese people, the press release said. The executives have given assurances that the company is here for the long haul and they are confident of the public’s support.

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