New coconut association set up in Pomeroon

Farmers from Pomeroon, one of two major coconut areas in Guyana, have formed the Pomeroon Coconut and Other Crop Farmers Association with the aim of expanding coconut production in the area, GINA reported yesterday.

The association is in its initial stage, with the executive members elected. GINA said that the appointed Secretary, Vilma Da Silva explained that the association has already processed the registration so far for 50 farmers. She said that the goal is to have as part of the organisation, all of the coconut farmers and producers from lower and upper Pomeroon.

Over the years, Da Silva said farmers in the area had neglected the land for the gold fields. Now with the gold price on the decline, the farmers are heading back to the coconut industry, DaSilva said.

Da Silva said that the aim is to have overseas buyers, who would access the produce by boat at the Port in Charity, after a special boat would have taken it out from the Pomeroon.

She disclosed that the association already has a request coming out of Trinidad and Tobago for the supply of 20,000 litres of coconut water – translating into 70,000 coconuts, twice per month.

This will be equivalent to $18M within a month.

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