Man granted bail over threatening sister, pelting niece

A man was placed on $40,000 bail when he appeared in court yesterday charged in relation to issuing threats to his sister and pelting his niece with a slipper.

It is alleged that on December 10, at Lot 15 Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, Peter Paul threatened Fiona Seetaran and pelted his niece Chandrattie Mangal with a slipper.
Paul, 39, pleaded guilty when the charges were read to him by Magistrate Zamilla Ally at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutor John Singh told the court that Mangal and Paul live in the same house and they had a misunderstanding. Paul then cursed his niece, picked the slipper up and pelted her.

In relation to the other charge, Singh said Seetaran had attacked Paul’s father and this caused him to get cross and as a result, he issued a threat to his sister. The details of the threat were not heard by the court.

When Paul was asked if he agreed with the allegation he said, “No.” He then explained to the court that his niece had spat on him and this was what made him pick up the slipper to pelt her.

Magistrate Ally changed the man’s plea to not guilty and placed him on $20,000 bail for each of the charges. The case will be called again at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court on January 9.

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