Two die in accident at Four Mile

By Jeff Trotman


Two unidentified men died on the spot when a truck transporting logs got into an accident at Four Mile on the Mabura-Linden road around 8.00 am yesterday.

Three other persons, including the driver of the truck, Andy Ramsaywack, 25, of 568 Blanket, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, were in a stable condition at the Linden Hospital Complex around midday yesterday. The two other persons are Jermaine Lacrosse, 17, of Parika and Sohan Bipta, 30, of Lot 27 Nandy Park.

When Stabroek News visited the Linden Hospital Complex around Friday midday, it met a relative of the driver of the ill-fated truck, who was at the institution to effect a transfer of the injured men to a medical institution in Georgetown. The relative, who requested to remain anonymous, told Stabroek News that the truck had been contracted to transport logs from Number 58 Mile but encountered the accident at Four Mile, just outside of Linden.

Information on how the accident occurred is sketchy but a staffer of the Linden Hospital Complex said that the unidentified men were already dead when the accident victims arrived at the institution at 9.08 am. The hospital worker said that they were informed that the two men had hitched a ride from some point on the Mabura-Linden Road between 58 Mile and Four Mile, where they died when the accident occurred.

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