JAGS Aviation unveils Sky Truck

JAGS Aviation, a member of the BK Group of Companies held a ceremony yesterday to welcome their Poland-made, M28 Sky Truck to Guyana, at the GuySuCo Hangar at the Ogle International Airport.

The M28 Skytruck is the newest addition to the JAGS Aviation fleet now owned by BK. The aircraft was described as a “game changer” as it will boost passenger and cargo transportation. The aircraft has seating capacity for 20 persons and is valued at US$4M and will accommodate chartered flights.

Manager of JAGS, Briony Tiwari reminded the gathering yesterday of her promise of “high quality” additions and investments. This promise was made when JAGS introduced their brand new Cessna Grand Caravan 208B EX in August. She continued that it was not “empty words” but a promise that has come to fulfilment. She also promised more “quality” additions to the fleet in the future.

The M28 Model 5 Skytruck at the Guysuco Hangar yesterday afternoon.
The M28 Model 5 Skytruck at the Guysuco Hangar yesterday afternoon.

Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn welcomed the entry of the aircraft and told the gathering yesterday that the aircraft will be a game changer and as the fleet widens it will strengthen links with persons from the hinterland such as miners and Amerindians. He also said that because of the aircraft’s capabilities and design, soldiers and engineers in Guyana would be able to expand their knowledge.

He said that the government stands by and supports the efforts to expand the civil aviation sector and said that persons should take an example from the Tiwari family as he congratulated them.

Shadow Minister of Public Works for A Partnership for National Unity, Joseph Harmon said that the addition of an aircraft to the aviation sector is an “occasion for celebration”. However, he pointed out that management of the aircraft would be a challenge.

Harmon’s comments were followed soon after by the Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali who stated that the transformative move would not have been possible if the development of the Ogle Airport was not undertaken by the government, which he said, stands as a testimony of the government’s vision for expanding the aviation sector. He further said that the private sector cannot expand without the boldness of the Government.

Chairman of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Hugh Denbow said that it brought great pleasure to learn about another aircraft. He also made several New Year’s resolutions saying that the authority will try to reduce or eliminate aircraft accidents and continue safety, security and management training.

According to a press release from JAGS, the M28 Model O5 Sky Truck is a twin engine, high-winged cantilever monoplane, made with metal structures and is best suited for passenger and cargo travel.

The twin vertical tails and a tricycle non-retractable landing gear, features a steerable nose wheel which would assist with short, unprepared runways where hot or high altitude conditions may exist.

The release further stated that the M28 has many characteristics such as short takeoff and landing capability, perfect flight handling at low airspeeds, high useful load, mission versatility, unpaved airstrip operation capability, easy access through rear cargo door, fitted with a hoist for cargo loading and relocation inside the cabin.

The high-wing arrangement aids in protecting the engines and propellers against damage when operating from unpaved airstrips. Easy and quick conversion of the cabin interior configuration and low operating cost.


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