‘It will halt rats eating cocaine’

AG pilots Indictable Offences (Committal Proceedings) Bill

(Trinidad Express) Attorney General Anand Ramlogan said on Friday the case of the rats eating the cocaine or of money disappearing while in police custody should be a thing of the past when the Indictable Offences (Committal Proceedings) Bill is in effect.

The bill, which he piloted in the House of Representatives yesterday, seeks to repeal the Indictable Offences Bill and the Preliminary Enquiry Act of 2011, which contained the controversial Section 34 clause, which was repealed by special legislation.

The Attorney General said the bill would provide for exhibits to be kept by a designated agency other than the police station (where exhibits are normally kept).

He said there have been instances in the past where rats “ate” cocaine, or where the weight at seizure was at variance with the weight of drugs at the trial.

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