Urgent steps should be taken to fill the pending vacancy of Gecom Deputy Chief Election Officer

Dear Editor,

Those who would have been paying heed to talk of local government elections would know that the preparedness of the Guyana Elections Commission to conduct same is an important facet. These keen observers would have doubtlessly noted the appointment of a new Chief Election Officer (CEO).

It has also been reported that the substantive Deputy CEO has indicated his plans to demit office at the end of his current terminal leave.

Logic, not to mention organisational best practices, would suggest that urgent steps would be taken to fill the pending vacancy, particularly given the need for Gecom to be fully equipped to conduct elections with the expected efficacy, including of course, transparency.

Indeed, one would expect that consistent with the latter principle, advertising the vacancy for Deputy CEO cannot be effected any too soon, thus giving the decision-makers ample time for screening the credentials of candidates and making a credible selection.

In the meantime appropriate consideration must be given to making an interim appointment from amongst the ranks of relevant experience within the institution.

Hopefully, such a process will send the correct signals of balanced judgment that will satisfy the stakeholders involved, while upholding the image of the commission.

Yours faithfully.
Alan James

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