Senseless action by some members of the GFF

Dear Editor,


The President and executives of the Netrockers Football Club are vehemently opposed to the senseless action undertaken by some members of the Guyana Football Federation.

As an affiliate club of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), we are not opposed to members of the federation having a ‘meeting’ to engage in discussions and share a meal. But what is most unsettling and disappointing is when such a meeting is being labelled a ‘congress’ and the supposed leadership is posing as camouflage spokespersons for all clubs, associations and affiliates of the GFF.

The executives of the Netrockers FC would like to state that the attendees at the ‘luncheon’ in the Water Chris Hotel, on June 1, 2014 did not speak for our club/association and we are vehemently opposed to the actions carried out by individuals with a not so hidden agenda from our sister associations, towards the duly elected president and executive members of the GFF.

Their actions not only disrespected and embarrassed the clubs that come under their purview, but the image of the federation and Guyana as a whole.

Constitutionally, the GFF congress is called by the federation with all associations and affiliates being invited and it is chaired by the duly elected president.

A plan to destroy a man’s plan is no plan at all.


Yours faithfully,
Jermaine Figueira
Netrockers FC


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