New traffic arrangements a function of the Commissioner of Police not the Ministry of Public Works

Dear Editor,


I refer to an article published in SN, June 13 2014 on page 3, ‘New arrangements for Albert Street.’ The announcement of the new traffic arrangements has been made by the Ministry of Public Works. A few weeks ago, the same ministry made a similar announcement with regard to Camp and Regent Streets.

The Laws of Guyana Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Cap 51:02 should be the guide on how road directions and use can be made.

It appears that the Ministry of Public Works has arrogated to itself a function that belongs to the Commissioner of Police. It may be a piffling matter but when authority is whittled away in this manner we may not notice when it goes altogether.

Please note the relevant sections under the act:

“road” means any highway and any other road to which the public has access;

“road authority” in relation to a road means the authority responsible for the maintenance of the road.


“49 (1) The Commissioner of Police may, with the approval of the Minister, make orders for any of the following purposes—


(a) the specification of the routes to be followed by motor or other vehicles;

(b) the prohibition or restriction of the use of specified roads by motor or other vehicles of any specified class or description, generally or during particular hours;

(c) the prohibition of the driving of vehicles on any specified road otherwise than in a specified direction;

(d) otherwise in relation to the regulation of traffic.


“(2) The Commissioner of Police may by order prohibit or restrict the use of specified roads by motor or other vehicles of any specified class or description on particular occasions.


“50. (1) Subject to this section, if a road authority is satisfied that traffic on any road should, by reason of works of repair or reconstruction being required or being in progress on the road, be restricted or prohibited, the authority may by order restrict or prohibit the use of that road or of any part thereof by vehicles or by vehicles of any particular class or description to such extent and subject to such conditions or exceptions as they may consider necessary.”

Yours faithfully,
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