What about the involvement of the CIOG?

Dear Editor,

I read with alarm your report of November 30, 2014 on the findings of the Ombudsman, but in particular Mr Chester’s report. What is being done about the CIOG involvement? If Mr Ul-Hack still refuses to answer, shouldn’t CIOG President Mr Fazeel Ferouz comment on this part of your report that I quote:

– “Chester’s investigation of the file at the behest of Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore also alighted on the special role played by the Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) in the discovery and pursuit of the fraud.”

– “CIOG Head Shaikh Moeen ul-Hack then made contact with Assistant Secretary of NBS Nizam Mohamed indicating that there was an unauthorized withdrawal of $32 million from Safi’s wife’s account.”

– “After receiving the call, Mohamed attended a meeting at the CIOG headquarters at which Safi, the husband of account holder Bibi Shamila Khan, was present along with ul-Hack and his wife Shalimar Ali-Hack, who is the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The presence of Ali-Hack at this meeting would have raised questions as she was later to advise the police to charge three senior managers, including Arjoon, with conspiracy to commit fraud.”

And what is being done about the DPP’s actions? Also, what about Mr Mohamed’s actions discussing a customer’s business at CIOG?

Yours faithfully,

Cecil Thomas

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