Dear Editor,

The Prime Minister’s talk about electricity loss, and his accusation about where the losses are coming from needs further clarification.

I live in South George-town and I have never stolen electricity (and frankly I don’t give a damn who does) both when the company was GEC and now GPL. The Prime Minister was totally out of place. We, the people of this country, see the mansions going up and we know the kind of people who live here. With his insinuation the Prime Minister’s eyes pass me as well as all the people in South Georgetown who deal squarely with GPL.

According to Mr Granger his statement was a “stupid” statement.

“Stupid” would be belittling the word; it needed a better adjective. His statement did not surprise me though, because after you hear the Prime Minister speak once you do your best not to have that experience again.

Yours faithfully,
Milton Bruce

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