Top Trinidad cyclist on the mend after crash in America road race

GEORGIA, United States, CMC-Top Trinidad and Tobago cyclist, Emile Abraham, is reported to be recovering well after a brutal crash during an elite event in Georgia, USA, last week.

Abraham was among several cyclists who suffered severe injuries in an endurance course which was marred by multiple crashes.

The 39-year old road speedster escaped the first crash but was not so lucky in the second incident, which comprised more riders.

“Amazingly, like in January when I fractured my rotated cup in my left shoulder, my recovery process is accelerated to the extreme,” said Abraham on his facebook page.

“Today (yesterday) I will get back on the bike after just nine days since the horrific accident”.

Abraham sustained a concussion, broken nose, injury above his right eye, an injured shoulder and multiple abrasions as a result of the accident.

The ex-national endurance champion was forced to sleep for 15 plus hours a day and suffered constant headaches throughout his recovery.


“My stitches are out, black eye is almost gone, right shoulder has 90% movement, headaches from concussion has gone,” said Abraham, the national Time Trial champion.

“I am so thankful that my mind, body and soul healed so quickly. Thanks again to each and everyone for their support, it certainly helped the process of recovery and I will see you soon”.

The number of crashes that took place during last week’s event, the Athens Twilight, has also sparked debate about safety measures for future races.

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