B/dos to benefit from major FIFA funding

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados,CMC – Football’s world governing body, FIFA, is set to inject BDS$2 million (US$1 million) into various programmes of the cash strapped Barbados Football Association.

FIFA development officer, Howard McIntosh said here Wednesday that FIFA was impressed with the BFA’s vision and as a result, intended to demonstrate its commitment to the Association’s development plan.

However, McIntosh made it clear the money would not be a boost to the BFA’s coffers, but would go directly to the various projects, with the BFA acting in a monitoring capacity.

“The money is not going to go the BFA so tomorrow, the BFA is not two million dollars richer and we have structured it that way for a number of reasons,” McIntosh pointed out.

“One, it ensures that less people are involved in the process; two, we have contracts that are directly with the different persons [involved in the projects] so the BFA has a monitoring role but not a direct contracting and/or financial role.”

One of the programmes to receive funding will be the income generation project at Wildey which is already underway. This involves the building of an administrative block and a spectators stand.

There will be a concessionaire area and commercial space aimed at maximizing revenue, funds which FIFA consultant Peter Van Gend said could then be put back into local football.

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