First week of training intense says Atwell

Training Camp Q and A with world title hopeful Clive ‘The Punisher’ Atwell.


Read what Atwell had to say about camp to Stabroek Sport’s Emmerson Campbell after one week of training at the Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York.


The undefeated fighting pride of Guyana 12(7)-0-1is scheduled to face WBC featherweight titlist, Mexican, Jhonny Gonzalez 55(47)-8-0 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico in two weeks.

EC: How was your first week of training?

CA: It was great and somewhat intense. It brought back a lot of memories being in the place where my mentor the late Donald Allison once trained and seeing his photos on the wall with some of the other great fighters gave me a feeling that I was in the right place.

EC: Have you seen and felt any difference since training in the USA?

CA: Yes, being shadowed by a lot of the big name fighters of Guyana has really opened my eyes

Clive Atwell in training at the Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York.
Clive Atwell in training at the Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York.

as to what a team at this level is. I am exposed to different ideas every day and that has started to put my body and mind in a good state.

EC: What are the differences of training at the famous fight factory as opposed to the Andrew ‘Sixhead’ Lewis Gym?

CA:  The weight is dropping with ease. I’m able to have a complete mega work out. The training session here have someone to assist in every area of training. Someone to rap my hands, one to give power pad work, another speed work and another for bag and strength also right down to stretches. I also have my bro Leon Moore who is working very close to my coach and is not allowing things to slip by.

EC: If there was one thing you could include in your camp what would it be and why?

CA: More time. It has been seven months since I have been in the ring or proper gym and to have my body where it is today has taken a lot of work. If there was one thing I would like to have it would definitely be time.

EC: Are you better mentally prepared now if so what was preventing you before?

CA: All I would say is that every day is a constant battle.


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