Date, venue for reconvening of GFF Congress not yet finalized

Guyana Football Federation (GFF) president Christopher Matthias said yesterday that neither the date nor the venue for the reconvening of the GFF Congress has been finalized adding that he is giving the disgruntled association’s time to get themselves in order.

The GFF’s Ordinary Congress held last month at the Regency Suite on Hadfield Street, saw Matthias surviving a no confidence motion against him with the voting ending in a 9-9 stalemate.

The no confidence motion was filed by the EBFA and seconded by the ECFA but according to reports did not give a reason for the motion.

Three IMCs were allowed to vote which was a bone of contention between the two sides and following the result six sub associations namely

The Georgetown Football Association (GFA), Guyana Football Coaches Association, the East Coast Football Association, the National Women’s Football Association, the Guyana Football Referees Council and the East Demerara Football Association walked out but later returned according to reports.

The Congress was witnessed by CONCACAF’s Director of Legal Affairs Marco Leal, its Legal Advisor Bruce Blake and FIFA’s Developmental Officer Howard Mc Intosh.

Yesterday at a press conference held at the GFF’s Campbellville headquarters Matthias stated that he is always open to discussion to resolve the issues which are only the voting rights of Interim Management Committees and the reconvening of the congress.

GFF President Christopher Matthias addressing the media during the press conference
GFF President Christopher Matthias addressing the media during the press conference

According to Matthias, the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) and the East Bank Football Association (EBFA) on May 13th formally indicated to the GFF, CONCACAF and FIFA that the only two issues to be addressed were the voting right of member associations governed by IMC’s and the reconvening of the congress.

On the issue of the IMC and its right to vote Matthias said that nowhere in the constitution of the GFF is there provision for IMCs.

He added that the members of the disgruntled associations were asked in a meeting to list the associations that were suspended by the federation and they could not.

“There is no evidence of any member being suspended by the federation” added Matthias.

“You cannot deny rights provided for members in the constitution for your own personal motives. I never fought for power but for principle and it is the same principle which will guide in the development of football.

“We are guided by FIFA and CONCACAF and will not be railroaded or tricked into believing what the constitution does not provide for,” added Matthias.

Meanwhile, Matthias, who had earlier sent out a challenge for any member of the opposing faction to debate him on the issues facing football said

that the federation has not received any communication from the members of the disgruntled associations in accepting the earlier invitation for a debate on the national airwaves.

“We had extended an invitation to members of the congress who had issues to address, for them to identify a leader and go on national television to highlight the inaccuracies of the voting rights of IMC’s.

“I regret to inform that the GFF is not in receipt of any such correspondence. One would have thought this would have been the easiest way to get rid of me. The constitution clearly states that you only lose membership if you are suspended or expelled,” added Matthias.

According to the GFF boss, a correspondence has been circulated to sections of the media highlighting areas of concern of the disgruntled bodies.

He noted, however, that such a correspondence has not been received by the GFF. Asked where does the federation go from here, Matthias said “Development, no institution who is about or worthy of development waits on anyone”.


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