Matthias extends Olive branch to those who tried to oust him from GFF presidency

By Delvon Mc Ewan


President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Christopher Matthias yesterday said that he was willing to work with members of the breakaway faction of the GFF in an effort to execute his federation’s constitutional mandate which is to develop, promote, regulate and control the discipline of football.

Jerome Valcke
Jerome Valcke

According to Matthias he was willing to not only invite the members of the disgruntled sub associations/ affiliates but the entire nation in the efforts aimed at football development and good governance.

Speaking at a press conference held yesterday at the office of the GFF Matthias said that he had forgiven the members who recently tried to oust him from the post of GFF president through the convening of an illegal congress and the subsequent no-confidence motion and for publishing untruths about him in an obvious attempt at character assassination.

Last Saturday several associations/affiliates of the GFF reconvened the congress following the rescheduled April 26 gathering and voted to remove Mathias and GFF executive member Keith O’Jeer. However, on Wednesday, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke wrote to Matthias stating that from a document and information received, it does not appear that the GFF Congress was convened in accordance with the GFF statutes.

Under the membership act of article 27 of the GFF’s constitution, the Extraordinary Congress is detailed as follows: 1. The Executive Committee may convene an Extraordinary Congress at any time, 2.The Executive Committee shall convene an Extraordinary Congress if one-third of the Members of the Federation make such a request in writing. The request shall specify the items for the agenda. An Extraordinary Congress shall be held within three months of receipt of the request. If an Extraordinary Congress is not convened, the Members who requested it may convene the Congress themselves.3.The Members shall be notified of the place, date and agenda at least one month before the date of an Extraordinary Congress. 4. When an Extraordinary Congress is convened on the initiative of the Executive Committee, it must draw up the agenda. When an Extraordinary Congress is convened upon the request of Members, the agenda must contain the points raised by those Members.5. The agenda of an Extraordinary Congress may not be altered.

Matthias said that it has been an entire year since a disgruntled few have been seeking to malign his character and integrity instead of trying to engage his presidency and executives in meaningful dialogues.

“If our efforts are directed as regards the development of football our nation would be a better place in which to live,” he assured.

“They’re bent on removing this president and destabilizing the institution…..those individuals would have sought to ignore the constitution in every aspect, even things that are vivid in the constitution are being ignored,” said Matthias.

Despite the efforts to remove him from his post, Matthias said that he is still intent on engaging anyone that is willing to discuss the issues. “If we don’t engage with these individuals, then it will be contrary to our posture, conduct and character,” he declared.

Matthias said that the disgruntled individuals are continuously making attempt to overthrow a democratic elected president and executives for their personal agendas.

Matthias said following the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup competition the GFF was in line to receive a grant of US$100m from FIFA.





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