I won’t back you any more, UEFA boss Platini tells Blatter

BELO HORIZONTE, Brazil, (Reuters) – UEFA chief Michel Platini has said he would not support FIFA president Sepp Blatter if he stood for another term, with the Frenchman adding that world soccer’s governing body needed a breath of fresh air.

Blatter all but confirmed at FIFA’s annual Congress on Wednesday that he would run for a fifth term next year despite criticism that the game and organisation have been tarnished by accusations of corruption during his long reign.

“I do not support him,” Platini, head of European soccer’s governing body, was quoted as saying by French sports newspaper L’Equipe yesterday. “I have known him for a long time and I like him well but I am not in favour of him doing another term.”

The Frenchman, a former world class player, is seen as a likely opponent to Blatter and will announce in August a decision on whether he will run, he said.

“In the future I will not support him (Blatter) any more,” Platini said. “I have told him that. I think FIFA needs some fresh wind.”

Asked why he had withdrawn his support for Blatter now, Platini said: “In 2011 he asked for our support and told us it would be his last term.”

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