Minibus driver in hospital month after Friendship accident

More than a month after the bus which he was driving was knocked into a trench at Friendship, East Bank Demerara, Troy Boyer is a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) after having to be re-admitted for his severe injuries.

The injuries he sustained as a result of the accident include a broken foot, broken hand, hip and bruises about his body. Speaking to this newspaper from his hospital bed, the distressed man said after being admitted after the accident occurred on January 26, he was discharged from the hospital but a few days after he was admitted again as he was told that his condition was not improving and the wounds were infected.

Frustrated was the word he used to describe his feelings. “I thank God for my life and just keep hoping for a speedy recovery soon,” Boyer said.

The injured man said he is the breadwinner of his home that comprises his wife and five children.

He said that since the accident he was not contacted or compensated in any way over the accident which was blamed on a truck driver. Boyer said all the strain is on his family and it’s really hard on them.

The accident has left Boyer virtually bedridden. This, he noted is very difficult to deal with as he has to depend on someone all the time.When asked by this newspaper what he recalled about the accident he said he was in too much pain and couldn’t recall anything.

He said being in the hospital for almost four weeks now is not an easy thing but at the same time while he is there he has to think of what he will be doing when he recovers because his entire bus was damaged and can’t be repaired. With this in mind, Boyer said he won’t be going back to driving bus for sure since it has cost him a lot. The family of the driver of the truck involved in the accident visited him twice. He noted though that no assistance was rendered. He also said he hasn’t seen a single police rank at his bedside not even to ask him what happened during the accident which makes him think it has all been forgotten.

On the day of the accident, Boyer had told Stabroek News that he had spotted a truck that was moving recklessly and he decided to stop his minibus. Despite this, the bus was slammed and flipped three times before going over a rail and into the trench.

Several other persons were injured and taken to the hospital.

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