Jagdeo to speak at ceremony for Jagans

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo is set to be one of the main speakers at the Babu John Crematorium in Port Mourant, Berbice this Sunday when the People’s Progressive Party holds its annual commemorative ceremony for late Presidents Dr Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan.

This is according to advertisements by the ruling party and would be Jagdeo’s first major party appearance in Berbice in recent years. It was at the same venue that Jagdeo attacked then PNCR and APNU Leader David Granger.

“The PNC has just chosen as their presidential candidate a man who was very active in that era, the era of oppression, the era of starving our people, and I say this because they have gone backwards, they have gone backwards to choose someone who is characterized by repression…” Jagdeo had said among other things.

Observers say there will be great interest in his presentation this year and its tone. Some persons close to the party believe that Jagdeo is a growing liability to it and that his involvement in the 2011 campaign did not give the PPP/C a majority.

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