Taxi drivers land in court after row over $1,500

A taxi driver was fined yesterday for assaulting another taxi driver following a row over $1,500.

Isaiah Booker, 25, who resides at 245 Independence Boulevard, La Penitence, pleaded guilty with explanation yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court 11. He was accused of assaulting Ryan Glasgow so as to cause bodily harm on March 7.

According to the facts presented by Prosecutor Adduni Inniss, Booker and Glasgow have known each other for several years. On the day in question, Glasgow approached Booker for money he owed him and there was a row and a fight ensued. The matter was reported to the police station and Booker was charged.

When asked to explain, Booker said that on the day in question, he was in front of Demico when “this man [Glasgow] snatched my cellphone out of my pocket and seh I owe he $1,500.” A scuffle subsequently occurred and Booker said Glasgow ran to his car and pulled out a “juka”. He said a police officer intervened and told Glasgow to return the cellphone as it was not worth $1,500. Booker said after Glasgow returned the phone he got into his car and drove away. He said he noticed Glasgow was following him.

“I come out at my base and he was park up.” Booker said. “He pull out the ‘juka’ and seh he want bore me up so I cuff he to his face. He hol onto me trying to juk me so I tek it from him and shy it away and cuff he again. He got knock down and lie down on the ground.” Booker said he then got into his car and left.

After listening to the prosecutor and Booker, Magistrate Annette Singh questioned Glasgow who admitted to having a ‘juka’, but said that all of Booker’s statements were false.

Magistrate Singh found that both men were responsible and involved in the scuffle. Booker was fined $25,000 with one week to pay or one month imprisonment. Both Booker and Glasgow were placed on a year bond to keep the peace. Breaching the bond or interfering with each other again would result in one month imprisonment.


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