Leslie James removed as Crime Chief

One year after being appointed to office, Senior Superintendent of Police Leslie James has been replaced as Crime Chief, apparently in keeping with the new government’s plan of a management overhaul for the Guyana Police Force which has been failing in many areas over the years.

Senior Superintendent Wendell Blanhum who was the deputy Crime Chief is scheduled

Leslie James
Leslie James

to take up the top post during the course of this week, sources have confirmed.

The decision to replace James was apparently made yesterday. It is unclear what may have been the driving force behind the change.

James became the Head of the Criminal Investi-gation Department (CID) after Seelall Persaud was named the acting police commissioner in April, 2014. Persaud was later confirmed.

It is unclear what James’ new position will be.

Sources have said that the David Granger-led government plans to shift around police commanders and that several are to be replaced.

So far Commander of ‘B’ Division Brian Joseph has been named head of the presidential guard.