Unity biker killed in horrific accident

A 33-year-old motorcyclist from Unity, Mahaica had his life snuffed out yesterday after a car ran over him.

The police said Anand Tularam collided with a car that was travelling in the opposite direction and fell on the road. He was then run over by another car. The accident occurred on the Annandale Public Road at 3:30am.

The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital and one of the drivers is assisting with investigations.

Anand Tularam
Anand Tularam

Eyewitness, Shelly Persaud, said she heard a “bam!” and her husband thought it was a dog that was hit, but she thought the noise was too loud to be a dog involved. Persaud said when she peeped through her window, she saw Tularam on the road. She said another vehicle came racing down the road and Tularam and his motorcycle were picked up and dragged by the speeding car.

The woman said she believes Tularam died on the spot because his vehicle was decimated when it was dragged. She said it was like fireworks on the road. The woman said the vehicle that drove over the man failed to render assistance.

Cecil Persaud said the first car that hit Tularam was heading to Georgetown and Tularam was heading east. He too said the motorbike was like a ball of fireworks when it was dragged underneath the car. Persaud said the driver that ran over Tularam failed to respond to a hazard light on the first vehicle when the accident occurred.

He said the first driver that hit Tularam said he was swaying from side to side, and as a result he tried to manoeuvre carefully and avoid an accident. He said the first accident was not deadly but it was the other vehicle that did the bulk of the damage.

Persaud said a man came later in the day and claimed to be the father of the second driver. He said the man asked, “Who put the motorcycle in the middle of the road for me son to run over it?”

Shards of plastic and glass were scattered on the Annandale Main Road and it stretched about 20 – 25 metres.

Tularam’s sister, Molly Tularam, said she received a phone call from the Vigilance Police Station and they asked her to come down to the station. Tularam said when she reached the station, she was informed of her brother’s death. She said a policeman told her that a car had hit her brother and he was pitched into the air and another car drove over him.

Tularam said her brother’s face was so damaged that she could not recognise him. She said he was identified by his hair, clothing and a tattoo on his hand.

Relatives of the man described him as a cool person who enjoyed himself and was usually the life of the party.

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