Biker dies after crashing into cement mixer

A motorcyclist died on Monday on the Herstelling Public Road, East Bank Demerara after he crashed into a cement mixer.

Joshua Narine
Joshua Narine

Joshua Narine, 23, of 125 Herstelling died on his way home from a club in the area, according to his mother, Surujwantie Hardial, who said her son came home half day from work to collect his motorbike.

The woman said that she was informed that her son had a few beers at the club and his friend asked him if he could’ve made it home. She said her son responded in the positive. The woman said the police told her that her son was tossed into the air after he crashed into the cement mixer. Hardial said her son suffered a fractured skull and he was bleeding through the nose and mouth. The man leaves his father, mother and sister to mourn. His mother described him as loving, caring and charming.

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