Bandits break into Anna Regina store, cart off some $1M in items

Bandits broke into an Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast store sometime between Tuesday night and yesterday morning and carted off some $1 million in electronic items and accessories.

Govinda Harnarine called ‘Ajay’ of Reliance, Essequibo Coast, the owner of Future Electronic Store, said that when he went to his business place around 8.30 am yesterday, he discovered that it had been ransacked.

“I noticed that the whole place was in a mess. The concrete wall at the side was broken-in which means that the thieves went into the place from there. The break in the wall was big enough for a human to pass through,” he said. The man said he has lost an estimated $800,000 to $1 million in smartphones, laptop computers, flash drives, portable DVD players, watches and other accessories.

“We would usually do phone repairs here too and some of the customers’ phones that we had here were also taken away,” he said. “This is the first time I have been robbed but just recently, two other business owners were also robbed. I made a report to the Anna Regina Police Station and the police came and looked for fingerprints and they did find some but I don’t know if they matched them with anyone.”

Harnarine added that there are no security cameras at his business place and he is hoping that a thorough investigation can be conducted into the matter.

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