‘Nervous’ Plaisance youth hospitalised after stabbing

A Plaisance youth is now hospitalised after he was stabbed several times by an alleged convict outside the Plaisance Market around noon yesterday.

Akeem Green, 20, was stabbed just below his chest. According to an eyewitness, he saw Green running across the road and he was bleeding profusely. The man said before he saw Green’s injuries, he heard someone yelling, “You only playing ya crazy.”

Green’s family said he has a “nervous problem” and is currently on medication. The man said Green’s attacker was drinking and after he stabbed him, he continued drinking his beers.

The eyewitness said Green scampered through the market looking for help and used his t-shirt to stop the bleeding before he was rushed to the hospital. There were clots of blood where the stabbing occurred.

Green’s sister said her brother would usually help the man to load fruits and vegetables on his donkey cart. She said the man is a known menace in the neighbourhood and had served time in prison.

Residents in the area said Green is a peaceful person that does not trouble anyone. They said his assailant is always irritable and has psychopathic tendencies.

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