New Camp St building still to be rented

Two years after it was completed, the modern five-storey building at the corner of Camp and Lamaha streets is still looking for a long-term occupant

An advertisement in Friday’s Stabroek News said that the 40,000 sq.ft. building is ideal for embassies, call centres, corporate offices etc.

The advertisement stated that the building has an elevator, central air-conditioning unit, conference room, parking for 300 vehicles, generator with an ATS system and a pressure pump with a water filtration system.

The building at Camp and Lamaha Sts
The building at Camp and Lamaha Sts

Interested persons were advised to contact

The New Thriving Restaurant was originally set for a major expansion at the site but these plans were shelved. A new eatery and hotel was to be opened in the early months of 2014.

New Thriving occupied portions of the building for a number of months and the building had been available for receptions and parties. A kitchen extension which New Thriving had been erecting was torn down several months ago.

The building has evoked much interest because of its modern architecture and distinctive atrium. Its owners have remained in the background of what is a large investment.

Construction of the edifice began in 2011.


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