The Guyana Fire Service is investigating the origins of a mysterious fire which ravaged an unoccupied Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice home some time around 11.30pm on Sunday.

Stabroek News understands that news of the fire started to spread in the community near midnight and by the time persons arrived on the scene the house was already gutted and the blaze had started to spread to the house next door.

According to an eyewitness, neighbours first noticed a small blaze in the house and raised an alarm. They also alerted the fire service but by the time they arrived the house was already engulfed in flames. This newspaper also understands that the fire service had a challenging time putting out the inferno as they had run out of water and had to leave the scene to refill the tank.

Meanwhile, residents tried to contain the blaze using a garden pump until the fire truck returned, and moved quickly to remove five vehicles from a neighbouring home. Though one vehicle was scorched no other major damage was reported.

This publication understands that the house is fully furnished with modern amenities and the caretaker Zamin Azeez resides in the UK. Stabroek News also learnt that earlier in the day the caretaker’s daughter, accompanied by others, visited the house.

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