Damaged Sussex St koker will cost $3M to repair

The damaged Sussex Street koker which had caused parts of Albouystown to be flooded last week, will cost the Government $3M to repair.

This is according to the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, who said the ministry is currently mobilising persons and they have placed an additional pump in the area to avoid flooding in Albouystown. Patterson said this pump will be critical when the work commences.

He said the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority will undertake the project. Several days ago, sections of Albouystown were under floodwater as a result of the defective koker.

Patterson had previously said that the Sussex Street sluice has a number of defective boards because of poor maintenance.

In a release to the press, the ministry had said that the high water levels were caused by high tides. The ministry said this caused a damaged gate groove in the concrete sill of the sluice.

It said every effort would be made to correct the defect in the dry season and the sluice will have to be blocked off at the inlet and outlet in order to remove the door and repair the damaged sill groove.

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