Disorderly man denies threatening to kill minister

Police were called to the Ministry of Social Protect-ion in Brickdam yesterday after a man allegedly threatened to kill Minister within the Ministry Simona Broomes, while venting his anger at being neglected by the ministry.

When Stabroek News visited the ministry, the man Stephen Ramcharran who had already composed himself was standing in the compound and he denied threatening the minister.

“I did curse yes. I say is two years now I f…ing coming here and never get satisfaction; I hope I get satisfaction today…but I didn’t call the minister name or nobody,” Ramcharran said. He added that he was very frustrated, but he didn’t intend to curse the minister since had never met her and didn’t even know what she looked like, though he would have been happy to meet her so that he could have his grievance heard.

Stephen Ramcharran
Stephen Ramcharran

Ramcharran said he became very frustrated because he had repeatedly visited the ministry over a period of two years and was never helped. He said his frustration led to him venting his anger but not on anyone specific.

Asked what his grievance was, the man said he had been unable to receive his NIS benefits after trying for over two years, because his contributions had apparently not been paid by his former employer whom he named. He said he was suffering with health issues.

He said wanted his NIS benefits and that was his reason for being at the ministry.

According to the minister, Ramcharran met the security guard after he entered the compound and he began to loudly issue threats. Broomes said she was in her office when she was alerted to the threats by drivers who were downstairs at the time.

The workers then called the police who promptly showed up, questioned the man, and left him standing in the compound.

Broomes, said that she was disappointed that the police had left the man in the compound, although he admitted to them that he had issued threats because he was frustrated.

However, Ian Amster-dam Assistant Commander of ‘A’ Division, told Stabroek News that the report which the police received was that Ramcharran was behaving disorderly in the compound.

Amsterdam said that when the police arrived, they spoke with the security guard and they also went into the building where they enquired whether the man had entered the building but the staff denied that he entered the building.

The ranks who were on patrol called their superiors who advised them to continue on their patrol duty, Amsterdam said, adding that the police told the staff to call again should Ramcharran continue with his disorderly behaviour.


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