Suspected burglar confesses to murdering Richmond pensioner

A suspect in burglaries in the Essequibo Coast area has confessed to murdering Richmond pensioner Surspattie Ramlakhan, who was raped and killed in her home in February.

Surspattie Ramlakhan
Surspattie Ramlakhan

Ramlakhan, 74, called ‘Aunty Carmen,’ of Lot 47 Richmond, Sideline Dam, was murdered sometime between February 19 and February 20, police had said. Her body bore scratch marks on her neck and other marks of violence that pointed to rape.

According to a police press release, the suspect was arrested on Sunday in connection with two reports of burglary on homes at Bush Lot, Essequibo Coast.

The man was initially a suspect in the murder but he was released after questioning. The police said that during intense questioning after his arrest on Sunday, he confessed to the crimes. Charges against him will be made shortly, police added.


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