Sophia teen gets two years for cutlass robbery

A Sophia teen was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison after he admitted to carrying out an armed robbery.

Anthony Patterson, 19, of Red Road, Sophia, on December 3rd, pleaded guilty to robbing Akeem Harry of a cellphone, valued $65,000, at Lot 6 Craig Street, Campbellville.

At the time, Patterson was armed with a cutlass.

According to the police’s facts, on the day of the robbery, Harry and his friend were at the Craig Street residence hanging out when Patterson entered the house armed with a cutlass. The defendant then allegedly demanded cash and other valuables and proceeded to ransack the house.

The prosecutor stated that Patterson took away the complainant’s cellphone and exited the house, following which the police were summoned and they gave chase. When Patterson was apprehended, he was found in possession of the stolen phone and a cutlass, which was on his bicycle.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan subsequently sentenced Patterson to two years in prison for the robbery.

It was also alleged that on November 10th, at Lot 6 Craig Street, Campbellville, Patterson broke and entered the house of Dexter Duncan and stole a quantity of clothing, seven pairs of sneakers, food, a percolator, a toaster, a Sony DVD player and two speakers, valued at $211,000 in total. He denied this allegation and the matter was adjourned to January 6th, when it is to be called for statements

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