City taking up traffic mandate

The Mayor and Councillors of the City of Georgetown (M&CC) is taking up its traffic mandate.

According to a M&CC press release, the announcement was made on November 30 by the Town Clerk, Royston King following the unveiling of plans to manage the Christmas shopping rush.

Under the “Municipality and District Council’s Act, Chapter 28:01, more particularly sections 272 and 274, the council has the power to construct, maintain and repair council’s roads. They also have the power to determine car-parks, road signs, and parking meters among many other,” M&CC said.

The constabulary has been restricted in its traffic duties due to the lack of vital resources, the Chief Constable ag, Steven Bailey mentioned, however, the department is moving ahead to work in this area of its responsibility and as at January 2016, the constabulary would be in a position to handle roads in the main commercial areas. Of concern to the council too, is the congestion caused by illegal parking and poor construction practices. In addition to which, M&CC said, it will begin to enforce its policy of commercial buildings catering for customer parking.

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