Boat builder charged with stealing parts

A boat builder was yesterday charged with stealing $800,000 in parts, which he claimed had been given to him.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan placed Claude Flue on $50,000 bail after hearing submissions by his lawyer in a Georgetown court.

Flue, of 129 Sideline Dam, West La Penitence, was accused of stealing a propeller, a lamp and a shaft, which were property of the virtual complainant Seeram Vishwa.

The items were estimated to have a total value of $800,000.

Flue’s lawyer, in seeking bail, claimed that the boat parts in question were given to his client by a man identified as “Mr. Ross.” He added that the items had been on his client’s property for three years and were later sold for a total sum of $300,000.

After setting Flue’s bail, the magistrate adjourned the matter to January 14th, 2016, when it is to be called at Court 5.

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