Bandits stick-up, rob MediCare employee

Two men pulled off a daring daylight robbery on a MediCare Pharmacy outlet on Thursday afternoon and escaped with several personal items belonging to an employee.

According to one of the employees, who was held at gunpoint by one of the bandits, around 1.30 pm two men entered the South Ruimveldt Gardens outlet, and requested to purchase five cards of Panadol. “When I turned to get the Panadol and turned back they point the gun to my face and said not to make a sound,” the visibly traumatized employee told Stabroek News on Thursday.

She added that after one of the two men pointed the gun at her and requested her silence, he subsequently removed a gold ring from her finger and demanded that she lie face flat on the ground.


“I lie on the ground and then they came in and tried to get money from the cash register but were unsuccessful,” she said, stating that after the two men were unable to get the money from the register, they carted off her phone, bag, and a laptop.

She said that as the two men were leaving, another employee was entering the drugstore and one of the two men grabbed her and tossed her into the store before jumping onto a CG motorcycle and speeding off.

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