Berbice barber granted self-bail on assault charge

A Berbice barber was yesterday brought before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and read a charge of assault.

It is alleged that on December 9, at the Nice Time Shop at Aranka Backdam, Cuyuni River, 23-year-old Devon Thompson assaulted Christopher Teekaram which resulted in him needing medical attention.

According to Prosecutor Deniro Jones, Thompson and Teekaram are known to each other. He stated that when Teekaram and Thompson were involved in an argument at the Nice Time Shop, which according to Thompson is owned by Teekaram. The argument escalated when Teekaram chucked the defendant resulting in

Devon Thompson
Devon Thompson

Thompson punching him in his face several times. This resulted in Teekaram seeking medical assistance at the eye clinic at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The prosecutor added that Teekaram sustained minor lacerations and swelling to the eye.

The defendant pleaded guilty, but offered an explanation.

He told the court that he was at a party when the incident occurred. He added that the defendant chucked him four times and the fifth time he used a brass knuckle to hit him. It was then, he stated, that he gave Teekaram a punch to the eye that caused him to fall to the ground. Thompson added that he ran and hid before going home, but went to the police station the following day where he was arrested.

The defendant was placed on self-bail and the matter was adjourned to January 22, 2016.



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