Granger plugs national unity, education as keys to development

Children gathered at the Akawini Primary School Annex to receive their Christmas gifts. (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

President David Granger yesterday took Govern-ment’s ‘toy drive’ to the Pomeroon in Region Two and told residents of Baracaro and surrounding communities in the Pomeroon River that he believes in one Guyana and is focused on fostering deeper national unity across the nation.

Sharing Christmas gifts to about 600 children from the two communities, the President, said that even as Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary approaches, it is time the country unites, a statement from the Ministry of the Presidency said.

The President, who was speaking at Friendship at the time, said that what takes him to the community is, “my love for you and my desire to create greater national unity, deeper national unity.  This is one country and I don’t believe in ‘bush’ and ‘town’.  I believe in one country; one Guyana.”

The national ‘toy drive’ yesterday rolled out first at Akawini.

Speaking about his school transport programme, the Head of State said, “When I heard stories about how difficult it was for the children of the Pomeroon to go to school at Charity that is when I made up my mind.  That is the type of President you have; somebody who responds to the needs of the ordinary villagers of this country… if I did not come here I would not have known of the difficulties you face.  So coming here is an education for me and when I understand the difficulties that you face I will go back and try to solve those difficulties.”

Toshao David Wilson at Akawini, in brief remarks, said that no President has visited that community in more than 23 years.  He said, “For the past 23 years we never had this opportunity to have the President of this country sitting among us.  We have a President that is very humble… we have a President that is very loving.  We have a President that is caring and is willing to travel the length and breadth of Guyana to reach the First Peoples of this country.”

At Friendship, the President was again welcomed warmly, with residents echoing similar sentiments.

Government has received support for the ‘toy drive’ from private sector and non-governmental organisations and the Region Two activity was supported by Caring for Others (Guyana) Incorpora-ted, an international NGO.

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