Sea defence breach at Bush Lot, Corentyne

The Sea and River Defence Department (SRDD), under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) yesterday responded to a sea defence breach at Bush Lot/Maida, Corentyne (an earlier release from MPI had inaccurately stated the location as Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice).

A release from MPI said that the breach was reported shortly after 19:00hrs last evening in a critical section of sea defence. The stretch, totalling 800 metres, is currently having permanent works conducted on it by Toolsie Persaud Quarry Inc., which was awarded the contract in September.

Though work has begun, there is a section spanning 100 feet that is still to be addressed. This section was the area that was breached.

MPI said that the SRDD will be mobilising today and will conduct temporary works to secure the breached area. Additionally, drainage works, including the clearing of channels, will be done to create some diversion for the accumulated water.

The SRDD is also currently determining the extent of the effect of the breach on residents and existing structures, the release said.

When contacted last night by Stabroek News, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson said that residents have not yet been directly affected but the ministry was being proactive in putting residents on alert.

“There are two dams, only one has been breached but what we are doing is putting the residents on alert because (today) there will be a spring tide,” he said.

Patterson also informed that Region 6 personnel are spreading the word directly to residents, taking into consideration many persons may not purchase newspapers. The alert will also be shared via radio and television.

Further, he assured that works to the breached area will be taken care of swiftly pointing out that Toolsie Persaud Limited will now channel its resources from the area where it is currently working to the breached site. “We have a contractor there and we have equipment and material, boulders and things like that, he was working from the other end so he will now move to this end,” he said.

This breach comes amid the spring tide period of December 22, 2015 to December 29, 2015. The predicted tide indicates above normal levels for this period.

The highest tides are expected to be today at 3:47 pm at a height of 3.10 metres and tomorrow at 4:28pm at a height of 3.08 metres.

MPI cautioned that all persons residing along the banks of rivers and low lying coastal areas to take all necessary precautions against possible flooding.

The ministry had issued a high tide advisory saying that it considers the following areas to be particularly susceptible to possible flooding as a result of storm surges which may induce overtopping of sea/river defence structures:


* Johanna Cecelia, Cullen/Perseverance, Essequibo Coast; Charity & along Pomeroon River Banks

* Zeelandia/Moor Farm, Marionville/Bendorff, Good Success/ Sarah – Wakenaam Island

* Thierens/Success, Maryville, Cane Field/Amsterdam, Endeavour/Blenheim – Leguan Island


* Rotterdam/Crane, Anna Catherina to Leonora, W.C.D Parika, Look Out, Salem/Sparta, E.B.E

* Water Street, Georgetown, Kingston, Georgetown to Ogle, E.C.D, Mosquito Hall/Unity– E.C.D

* Bush Lot/Maida, Scottsburg, Corentyne and Along the East Bank of Berbice River


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