Dear Editor,

Based on issues and performances, and not race, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) is the only credible political party in Guyana that should win the 11th May 2015 general election.

The PPP/C took a bankrupt economy and made it viable, while the Peoples’ National Congress (PNC) took a credible economy and bankrupted it.

The Alliance for Change (AFC) is an untried entity with minimum support from the general population. Their only hope for survival is if they can convince their current supporters that they have not sided with the PNC whom they said they were never going to side with. This siding with the PNC is seen as a sell-out by some supporters of the AFC.

Can the AFC and PNC/APNU form a coalition? Yes, they can. Should the AFC and PNC/APNU form a coalition? Only if they are political opportunists seeking to do so purely for the reason of getting into power.

I keep reading in Guyana newspapers that “electioneering strategy”, “race”, “size”, etc, will win the next general election. Yet, not much is being said about the prospective candidates’ policies and the issues. Definitely not enough is being printed about the issues.

Getting into power is one thing. But delivering the goods is another. The fact that Guyana has a credible economy is testimony to the fact that the PPP/C has delivered.

Yours faithfully,
Sean McLean

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