Goolsarran has his work cut out if he launches a party

Dear Editor,

I hear that Mr Anand Goolsarran is considering launching a political party. Although I think he should have finalized this much earlier, I ask why not?

From my perspective, Mr Goolsarran has superlative educational credentials; he has a distinguished work record, and he has proven himself in multiple forums, time and again. In addition, I have found Mr Goolsarran to be a humble and sincere individual, in my very limited interactions with him. But there is something else that recommends him above everything else, whatever he is envisioning politically: In my book, Mr Goolsarran comes across as a true Guyanese patriot of the first order. This is among the highest accolades that I can attach to any citizen. There are very few among us, and I believe that Mr Goolsarran is one of the few.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mr Goolsarran has his work cut out for him, should he decide to proceed. He is a dull speaker, lacking in flair and élan. This can be a major handicap when a jaded, disillusioned, beaten populace needs to be lifted up, if only on the comforting wings of powerful, inspiring words; words that pierce and resonate to the core; words cocooning ideas that make listeners catch the breath, pause, and then shift. Perhaps. But there is something worse yet that hangs over Mr Goolsarran.

Long ago, people near to me and who know him well, have alleged that he is intolerant. If accurate, this can be lethal.

Last, if Mr Goolsarran decides to press forward, I wish him the very best. I also exhort him to be very careful, to be very wise in his choices re a supporting cast.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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