The WICB should comprise ex-players

Dear Editor,

Much has been said since the selection of the “rebuilding” West Indies team and their expected performances in the warm-up matches in Australia. And I don’t suppose it will end, even though I pray daily that I do not have to endure the agony and embarrassment of what may be described as the expected West Indies performance during this World Cup.

I pray for divine intervention that somehow, the players will find the courage, pride and form and prove my predictions wrong. I pray and pray; that’s all the hope I have.

But having said that, I am dumbfounded at the gumption of the incumbent President of the West Indies Cricket Board to run for re-election. Please! Is this guy for real?

This gentleman with his superb demonstration of arrogance of no mean order, and whose organisation was apportioned major blame by his own appointed task force for the debacle in India that has attracted the wrath of the Indian board and is likely to cost us the small matter of US$47M, still believes that he should be running the WICB?

That there are regional boards who believe he did a good job and should be re-elected, is mind boggling. After all, his own country board is supporting his opponent, Mr Joel Garner. Does not this speak volumes?

We as West Indians want to rally behind a team that is professional, showing improvement with talent, skills, fight and pride to be winners.

That can be achieved with a Board that has ex-players administering our cricket and with individuals who have the know-how to set up proper cricket structures across the Caribbean to develop young players.

Not arrogant leaders who behave like colonial masters.

It is time our ex-players take over and run things.

Enough is enough

Yours faithfully,

Eric Whaul

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