Despairing about contestants for the WICB presidency

Dear Editor,

The one thing that strikes me about the current President and the CEO of the WICB is that neither has the slightest interest in cricket as a game.

What I remember most about the other contestant for the presidency, Mr Garner, one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, was that he thought that laziness was the cause of the lack of quality in modern WI fast-bowling; that when Benn appeared to be the victim of bias in a decision involving 3 Australian players on the last tour down under, Garner, as manager, first promised to appeal the decision, and then to protest formally, neither of which steps was taken; that he was likely complicit in the exclusion of Roach from the Kensington Test against India around 2011; and was extremely harsh in punishing Tino Best for a minor incident last year with a female physiotherapist for which Best apologized profusely.

I despair, as I understand that those are the only contestants for the leadership.

 Yours faithfully,

Romain Pitt

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